A northern Michigan kayak & kayak builder story.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Quite a Bit!!

Accomplished! I have finished the hatches, footbraces and hip braces, and have even begun attaching the top and bottom. It is getting to be a bit difficult to work on the boat again, especially as the weather is so beautiful and I have the motorcycle staring me down! But all in all it is go time and this boat has an ETA of 3 weeks. Check out the pics!

Friday, June 09, 2006


I have made some advancement on the kayak. I have cut three hatches, and have managed to begin the OOK version of the hatch seals. I posted on the kayak forum board and recieved several positive feedbacks about the OOK design.

After working on it for a bit I found that the OOK design is a better design than the others. Some of the reasons seem to be a more flush design, especially on a curved deck. I am getting very excited to prepare the bulkheads and the footbraces over the weekend, but work may take precendent.

Stay tuned for some new pics to be added tonight. Thanks for checking in.