A northern Michigan kayak & kayak builder story.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Start

I tell you my life has changed since I met a friend named Matt. He told me a tall tale about how he built a 19' wooden kayak. Not only did he hand build this monster but he also uses it it in open water and amazingly enough, it floats. I had never heard much about this entire culture of kayak building. I thought, up until this point that it took real experts, master craftmen to build things f this nature. But apparently I was wrong.

Matt told me about, buying marine grade plywood, scarfing joints, shear clamps, epoxy, coamins and more. This intrigued me and a hobby was born.

I ordered my plans from oneoceankayaks, and began building my very own 17' greenland style kayak. Mind you, there has been challenges, such Michigan winters to slow the progress, but ultimatley it is coming together and this is to be the story. Stay tuned.