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Friday, February 09, 2007

Progress is oh so Sweet

I love this design. It is a quick building kayak! I have cut the forms, trimed the forms, and epoxied the forms. I have also scarfed the keel, chines and gunwhales. And since I have an existing strongback I bought some zipties and on we go.

I do have a few dilemmas all in all. I have a very hard time epoxying in the current weather 20 degrees. And I am divided on how to attach the boards to the forms. There are several schools of thought: Epoxy, dowels, sinu(sp), screws, or a combination. I am thinking a fast set epoxy and stainless screws, not very traditional, but in the watehr in may work. I have to do some more research, for now zipties.


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Blogger Matthew Keller said...

Looking at your setup, you won't have the same problem I had with the bump in the deck. I think your deck shape will turn out a little better.

10:55 PM


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