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Monday, July 17, 2006

Launched! Finally!

I managed to lanch on time, a tak in itself. My friend Matt and I headed out to Grand Traverse's West Bay at about 8 am on Sunday for the Cirrus's first day in the water! What a great feeling it is to build your own boat and work towards this moment.

The boat handled fantastic, itis a great touring boat. It has a lot of room above your legs to stretch out and change positions. It handles like a charm, like Vaclv sid, it does not need a rudder, it will track straight.

After about an hour of paddling we decided to practice some rolls, braces and recoveries in shallow water. Matt's Anas Acuta, was used for this exercise.

More news is I figured out how to roll the Anas,
my first roll. Being I am a begginer and this was one of the first few times ot, I would have to give most of the credit to matt's teaching and patience.

Speaking of Matt, the expert roller that he is, managed to roll the Cirrus on his first try. Many may say this is an easy task, but he lacked, thigh braces, a footbrace and tight hip braces. Great Job Matt. Check out some Pics.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks for the Blog.
Just bought my plans for the Cirrus and I hope to get going soon on the construction!
Only got the formers cut so far, but we do have a house to finish first!
You have given me a great insight to the build ahead of me.

5:34 PM

Blogger Jaytoro7 said...

if you need any help feel free to email or post, I would be glad to offer any type advice I can.

11:52 AM

Anonymous Andrew said...

Congrats on finishing your Cirrus! Isn't it a great feeling when you finally get in and it comes alive on the water? It really isn't just a piece of furniture!

11:10 PM

Blogger Kaspar said...

Don't know if you"ll see this as it's in regards to such an old post but I'd love to get your impressions of this boats handling. I'm giving serious consideration to this kayak for a build and can't find enough useful info on it's handling. All indications are that it tracks well but what about edged turns? Any additional insights appreciated

4:47 PM


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